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Section of Clendenen, et al Business Mathematics, 14th edition

Banking, Checking Accounts, and Check Registers

Chapter 5 Overview

Checking Services and Credit-Card Transactions 5.2
Bank Statement Reconciliation 5.3
Gross Earnings: Wages and Salaries

Chapter 6 Overview

Gross Earnings: Piecework and Commissions 6.2
Social Security, Medicare, and Other Taxes 6.3
Income Tax Withholding 6.4
Invoices and Trade Discounts Chapter 7 Overview
Series Discounts and Single Discount Equivalents 7.2
Cash Discounts: Ordinary Dating Methods 7.3
Cash Discounts: Other Dating Methods and Partial Payments 7.4
Markup on Cost Chapter 8 Overview
Markup on Selling Price and Perishables 8.2
Markdown and Reduced Selling Price 8.3
Turnover and Valuation of Inventory 8.4
Basics of Simple Interest Chapter 9 Overview
Finding Principal, Rate, and Time for Simple Interest Loans 9.2
Simple Discount Notes 9.3
Discounting a Note Before Maturity 9.4
Compound Interest Chapter 10 Overview
Interest Bearing Bank Accounts and Inflation 10.2
Present Value and Future Value 10.3
Open-End Credit and Charge Cards Chapter 12 Overview
Installment Loans 12.2
Early Payoffs of Loans 12.3
Personal Property Loans 12.4
Real Estate Loans 12.5
Property Tax   13.1
Personal Income Tax 13.2