Calculus Worksheets

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Daily Class Notes and Videos Differential Equations Class Notes  
Practice determining if a function is continuous or differentiable at an x-value Differentiability and continuity  
Explore the limits of functions; includes practice problems Limits as x approaches infinity  
Practice using the product and quotient rules for differentiation Product and Quotient Rules  
Explore the derivatives of f(x) = e^x and
(x) = e^g(x)
Derivatives of exponential functions  
Rules and information for logs and their exponential functions Natural logarithm cheatsheet  
Complete and use as a cheatsheet for the derivative rules Differentiation Rules Worksheet  
Use Riemann Sums to approximate the area under a curve Riemann Sums  
Practice integration problem using u-substitution DoThis u-substitution  
Practice integration and finding limits Understanding u-substitution and limits activity Understanding u-substitution and limits activity Solutions
Practice problems including the needed formulas Future and present values of income streams  
Guided practice for a minimization problem using Lagrange multipliers Lagrange multipliers