Geometry Worksheets

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Definitions of seven quadrilaterals and a discussion of how they are related Polygon Hierarchy: Quadrilaterals  
Given a triangle, draw a circle that
circumscribes the triangle
Compass and straight-edge construction: Circumscribed triangle  
Summary of the SSS, SAS, ASA, and AAS congruence theorems and the AAA similarity theorem Triangle Congruence and Similarity Overview  
Discussion of why ASS is not used as a congruence theorem Exploration of ASS (or SSA) Congruency  
Given a line and a point not on that line,
draw another line that goes through the point and is parallel to the first line
Paper construction: Parallel line  
Given an angle, draw in the bisector of that angle Paper construction: Angle bisector  
Use simliar triangles to measure the height of a tree outside Similar triangles activity  
Introduces notation for points, rays, planes, etc and asks for definitions in your own words Geometric building blocks: Planes, lines, and segments  
Gives definitions and notations for various angles such as obtuse and complementary; includes some practice problems Geometric building blocks: Angles  
Explores angles created by transverse lines Transverse lines