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Find how big a problem math anxiety is for you Do You Have Math Anxiety?
A Self Test
Summary of a short video about math anxiety (video is available at Math Resource Center, CM 233) Math! A Four Letter Word  
Expansive discussion of math anxiety and how to overcome it What is math anxiety?  
Relaxation techniques to try to combat math or test anxiety Relaxation Techniques  
Helps you explore how you best learn new material Learning Styles Inventory  
Once you know how you learn best, this sheet gives you study tips that work with your learning style Adapting Study Strategies to Learning Styles  
Find how big a problem test anxiety is for you Test Anxiety Scale  
Summary of strategies to use to combat test anxiety Test Anxiety Strategies  
More strategies for test anxiety Test Taking Strategies (A second look)  
Analyze why you got test questions wrong Test Analysis Sheet  
Tips on how to take tests Taking an Objective Test  
Tutor Training Lewis and Clark Community College: Math Resource Center: Tutor Training  
Practice using set notation Set notation: Notation and cardinality  
Quick review for finding percents and rounding decimal numbers Rounding and percents  
Figure the amount of federal tax to withhold from a paycheck Reading tax tables: Percentage method for withholding  
Explores closed-end and open-end credit accounts in detail Consumer credit  
Find the balance and interest earned on savings accounts with multiple withdrawals Banking application: Savings account with multiple withdrawals Banking application: Savings account with multiple withdrawals Solutions
Guided examples for amortizing a house loan Buying a house  
Assignment sheet for hands-on teaching assignment in a math for Elementary Teachers class Math 152 Teach Me! Project: Chapters 8 and 9  
Various problems ranging from geometry to probability to algebra Concepts of mathematics Introduction worksheet  
A picture of a die if it were laid flat; cut it out and tape it together to make a die Die net  
Guided practice for a maximization linear programming problem Simplex Method Worksheet