Trigonometry Worksheets

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A picture of the most used angles in trig, in both radian and degree notation Important angles  
Complete the unit circle and find the anlges' sines, cosines, and tangents Unit Circle Trigonometry  
Covers SOH CAH TOA, the unit circle, 30-60-90 triangles, reference angle theorems, and basic identites in detail using exploration SOH CAH TOA/ unit circles/ 30,60,90 triangles  
Explore the values for the sine, cosine, and tangent of angles using the Cartesian coordinates of their terminal sides on the unit circle Circular Functions: Sine, cosine, and tangent  
Create graphs for sine, cosine, and tangent using the Cartesian coordinates of the angles' terminal sides on the unit circle Graphs of Trig Functions on the xy-plane  
Guided practice on verifying trig identities Verifying Trig Identities (labeled with old book section)  
Completed proof of the identity sin(a) - sin(b) = 2sin((a-b)/2)cos((a+b)/2) Proof of a trig identity  
Investigates the inverse trig functions by first creating the graph by reflecting the original functions; also discusses their domain and range Inverses of Trigonometric Functions Cosine, Sine, and Tangent  
Create your own graphs of the main three trig functions Graphs of trig functions  
Explores transformations of trig functions Transformations of Trigonometric Graphs  
An investigation of the Law of Sines and how a triangle has two possible solutions Two possible triangles: A deeper look at the law of Sines